Verein Sport wheels have all been designed to meet the highest possible standards. Every Verein Sport wheel
has been tested in all areas of construction, design and quality control. All our mono block cast wheels
have been impact tested and fatigue tested before they are put into production. Every
wheel has been approved and stamped by VIA (Vehicle Inspection Association
of Japan) and also JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel Standard). They are
also manufactured to meet ISO9001 industry standards.
Every Verein Sport wheel passes an extremely high standard of
quality control from our factory. These include every wheel being finished
by hand and then passed to our quality control department. Our quality control
department then check for any surface defects or impurities using ultrasonic inspection
equipment. A dye penetrant inspection is then carried out to identify any superficial cracks or faults
within the structure of the wheel. The wheel is then checked to make sure all the dimensions, circularity and
concentricity are correct before passing through X-Ray control for their final check.